FiNDers Social Club - Hessle

FiNDers is a weekly social club for young people with learning disabilities and or autism that operates on a Wednesday evening 6.45pm – 8.45pm.  The club is led by two experienced Co-ordinators and supported by a team of hardworking and dedicated volunteers.

New and past members are always welcome and you don’t have to be already attending a FiND service to come and join in with the fun activities. Although we kindly ask that new members contact us prior to attending so we have somebody available to give you a private tour of our facilities and activities.

Part of our core ethos at FiNDers is that we believe the social club should be planned with the input from the members that attend. Therefore, we will regularly ask you what activities you enjoy and will try to accommodate this where possible.

Some regular activities which we offer include: pool, art and crafts workshops, cookery and bakery workshops, DVD and cinema themed nights and we also organise magicians, BBQ’s, reptile workshops and discos throughout the year.

As a member you are free to decide which activity you want to participate in on the night and can change activities throughout the evening as you please.

Some of the FiNDer’s members also run their own reasonably priced tuck shop. As a member, you can help run this shop or visit the shop for refreshments during the evening. All the profits made through the tuck shop are put back into the club and used to organise events for members throughout the year.


Where to find us & Admission Cost…

FiNDer’s is based at Miriam House in Hessle, in the building which is used for the FiND3 service.

FiNDer’s members get their first session for free. Following this, admission is £4 per session. Members can also bring extra money for the tuck shop if they wish to purchase items.


How to access our service and contact us…

You can access this service by contacting the FiNDers Co-ordinator Arron Cawthorne on (01482) 870785 or