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FiND2 offers you a fantastic opportunity to experience a wide range of activities and experiences in a safe and supportive environment. We are a values driven charity and so it is important to us that the days you attend FiND are tailored specifically to you. If you chose to come to FiND, then we will match you to some of our amazing staff based on your individual needs, personality and interests ensuring that you really enjoy being with the people who are supporting you. Here at FiND we call these people Keyworkers – more information about what your Keyworker will support you with is available in our easy read documents at the bottom of this page).

Our Facilities

Our building offers a range of different rooms which can easily accommodate a range of activities. You may really enjoy taking part in vibrant social activities like group music workshops or team games. Alternatively, you may prefer a quieter, more personal, like going out into the community with your Keyworker, spending some time in our sensory room or doing an individual activity with support. FiND is here to make sure your experiences are tailored to what suits you best. We will listen to your choices and work with you to tailor your days around these decisions.

Local Community

There will also be lots of opportunities to get involved in the local community. Whether that is by joining our horse riding group, hydrotherapy swimming group, or by planning your own personalised days with your Keyworkers support. We also have a wheelchair accessible bus allowing us to go on a variety of fantastic day excursions.

So, would you like to:

  • Make some amazing friends
  • Experience meaningful and enjoyable activities
  • Take part in part in a variety of workshops (like music or pottery) or have quieter sensory experiences.
  • Learn new skills through our accredited learning programme

FiND2 can offer you all of these opportunities in a welcoming, exciting and fun environment. We will support you to create some amazing friendships that will last a lifetime and take part in some really memorable and meaningful activities. Here is what some of the people who already come to FiND2 have to say about us:

‘I like coming to FIND because I like to talk to my friends. I feel welcome at this day centre and get to spend time meeting new people.’ Daniel

‘I really enjoy the different activities available at FiND, and that I get to choose what I do. My favourite activity is to go Trampolining’ Claire

‘I really like going sailing in the nice weather and I enjoy a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster.’ Peter

A community where everyone is actively involved

FiND is a community where everyone is actively involved, respected and listened to. If you and your relatives or carers are interested in discovering more about FiND’s FiND2 service, then we would love to talk to you. Alternatively, you may like to talk to your Care Co-ordinator or someone similar who could contact FiND on your behalf. For a discussion on how we can support you, please click HERE.

These easy read documents are designed to help you to decide whether you would like to come to FiND. Just click on a link below.

  • Coming to FiND
  • Making Decisions at FiND
  • What is a Keyworker

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